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    • Hello Nakaggwa Jesca,

      We are going to integrate a payment gateway which will enable you to give tithe.

      The Kakande Ministries

  1. Am called Richard Kalinda, am a Ugandan who lives UAE Abu Dhabi really am a good follower of Prophet Samuel Kakande on YouTube! But really i need a help, i need serious prayers! Am working i hv a job am married with two kids, man of God i need prayers everything is not working to extent my kids fail to get school fees in time! I tried to send money to my wife to start up a business such that she can help me to some stuffs but still business failed within fews month! I hv been working all years inside Uganda and outside Uganda but i get happens for a few days then goes back to agony life! Am a good advisor to all my friends whoever comes to me for an advise coz they believe in me they trust me the advise i gv them to any point it works for them! And they call me or send me msgs to thank me but man of God on my side it remains worse! From 1996 when i started working in different countries around Uganda up to now when i decided to fly i hv no home i hv no any property that blongs to me! Man of God to the extent if the whole body of mine am not feeling ok i feel some serious illness but whenever i go to hospital coz i hv a medical insurance card they don’t recognise what the problem man of God pray for me! I hv been here in UAE for 3years but i don’t hv even a 1million of shillings on my account! I was raised in a family where i had no mum, raised by stepmum and since my childhood up to 2010 when i discovered my real mum and it was joy to me, but still my life went back to my usual status to the extent i can’t tell now where my real mum is now! Coz in 2010 i visited her where she stayed and i bought her ‘s phone such that we can be in touch always which worked for me for a while, to the extent she visited me in the same yearin Kampala when i was getting my first child with my wife in 2010! But what i noticed my stepmum was not happy with that at all even her old daughters that i should hv called their mum to be there when my wife delivering instead of my real mum! Man of few days my mum went back to her home! Since then i hv never seen her again even no communication to the extent i sent someone there to check on her to see what’s the problem if it needs another phone i buy it! But the news i got is that they shifted to unknown place and her phone went off up to now! MSN of God i need your prayers i hv a lot to say if i can get chance to reach u! God bless u man of God whenever i watch your preaching on yutube at least i feel ok! I love u! I’ll great full if my request put under consideration! +971562935949.

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