The Kakande Ministries is a Life Changing Ministry taking the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to the four corners of the world
Mathew 24:14.
It’s a Ministry which deals with solving both spiritual and physical problems. Its currently having a membership of about 80,000 people and most of these people are job seekers and a few have low income jobs.
With this concern of the increasing congregation, with a burden of poverty, joblessness, shelter problems while others are orphans, the Kakande Ministries has thought of a way to assist the masses to improve on their daily income and to secure jobs for the people through sustainable agriculture and therefore has formed the Get Out of Poverty Project (G.O.P).


The G.O.P vision is all about job creation, poverty alleviation and modernization of Agriculture. This project is not only for the church but for everyone who is fighting hard to Get out of Poverty. Located in the western part of Uganda, Masindi has been found to have favorable weather conditions with good soil fertility. Being a vast land, Masindi is suitable for large scale mechanized agriculture. Therefore some of the G.O.P farms are located in Masindi district.